I recently agreed to take in my second cat from a friend who was in a bind.  She moved into a new building with her mother where pets were not welcome.  Already having a cat I adopted I knew I would have the room and supplies to care for the cat, however the cost to neuter was just too much for me.  After finding your SNAP program through a Google search I was approved and had my new cat neutered within a month.  He has since settled in just fine with my older, female cat Patty. 
I am very thankful for the support the program has given me. 
From A.S.

I feel that education is paramount, followed by accessibility to such services. The MEOW foundation is especially dear to me as they helped me, a low-income Calgarian on AISH (assistance), neuter my kitten, Figgy. He received excellent care, recovered wonderfully, and the MEOW Foundation’s education as to the benefits of the procedure such as decline in likelihood of spraying and nulling the risk of testicular cancer, not to mention the overpopulation facts and irresponsible/unwittingly breeding of cats – it was all very appreciated and beneficial to both my Figgy-cat and myself.
From A.K.

During the time when I could either take care of my responsibilities to my kitten or myself, the SNAP program allowed me to do both.  Plus she doesn’t pee everywhere anymore!
Thank you to all of the volunteers who keep this great program alive.
From B.B.

Thank you so very much. I appreciate the speediness of your reply all the more so today. When we got the kittens from our friends I was told they were both girls. I just had someone tell me yesterday that Popcorn is a boy. I finally looked for myself and it looks to be true. I guess the vet will confirm it but as I don’t want the two to be breeding I’m so very grateful to be getting them both fixed.  We have an appt for Tuesday, Nov. 15. Thank you for my acceptance and subsidy through the SNAP program. I hope to be able to repay the kindness one day. 

Best regards, H.A.